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Danny’s Diary

Danny’s Diary

On September 5, 2017

Prior to visiting AT Jones for a two week work experience I had been travelling to different businesses spanning many fields of work with construction being a very low priority on what I had been aiming to become once my studies were finished.

This short stay completely changed my perspective on office-based construction. The image of these offices had always been painted to me as dreary, soul-sucking places filled with the tradesmen who’s bodies had given up and forced them behind a desk.

This image was completely flipped on its head, everybody in the office was full of life, and very accommodating around one another and their skillsets. Coming into the office as somebody with no prior experience I had anticipated being given duplicate work and menial admin tasks; instead I was thrown in at the deep end, performing takeoffs using OST and CAD measure, putting together a bill of quantities and scheduled materials.

As well as having work experience in the office I was given the opportunity to visit two of the construction sites, one of which I had worked on during my second day. It was amazing to see the work come to life as a physical structure even if that work was in the form of something as simple as METSEC panelling and stud walls.

If given the opportunity again I would definitely repeat the two weeks and would 100% recommend AT Jones.

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