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Connors blog: ‘It was a truly well-worth it week’

Connors blog: ‘It was a truly well-worth it week’

On September 2, 2016


Going into the construction industry was always a risk for me, mainly because I hadn’t thought about going into it or done any work in the industry before, but never-the-less, nerves aside I boogied on down 7.30am Monday morning. The opportunity came to me like a 5-pound note does to an oblivious passer-by.

The AT Jones team at Fareham sorted me out Monday morning, welcoming me with surprising smiles and good graces, (something I didn’t picture when working with builders) and given there were a few scarily giant men there, they were all nice enough to give me the time of day to introduce themselves, mainly to look down at me I believe (literally and mentally to add), combine the fear of that and the happy smiling faces of the two ladies in the office, it could be said it was a rather mixed emotion week.

I was down there to look into Quantity Surveying, a subject that until I had a chat with a senior QS down there, Phil, was basically a complete mystery. Being a QS is a lot of work within the office and also out of it. They are part of the team that looks after the pricing of a job and the person within the team whom assesses a jobs stages of completion and therefore is ultimately responsible for collecting payments from clients based on where they are at on a job. I was shown 2 ways to estimate a job, a tiny bit outside the QS specifics, but still a vital skill to know when becoming a QS. I was shown the ‘new’ way and the ‘old fashioned’ way; in the words of one of the MD’s down there, the real way. The new way involves software and databases and the old way involves a ruler and book. I did in fairness prefer the ‘old fashioned’ way.

I was also given access to a building site in Fleet where the Assistant Site Manger gave me a full tour and described to me what he does as a part of the team at ATJ (safe to say, he was very helpful and completely committed to his job, a vital part of the system!) I was shown what the QS would be looking at on the building site and how they would measure the completion of such a job. Getting into QS couldn’t be easier, there are different routes, for example through university degrees or apprenticeships. Something I would snap up within a minute without thought if it was offered to me next year.

By Friday I had learned many skills, usable both on a building site and within the office. A career within Quantity Surveying was more and more what I wanted to get into throughout the week, this was aided by the people I was working with. It’s no wonder AT Jones are a very successful company with the team of professionals it is put together by, From Chairman, Managing Directors, and yes even the professionalism of Assistant Site Managers. It was a truly well-worth it week and a real eye-opener to something I previously knew nothing about.

All thanks to the tip of a truly wonderful woman at my college, Mrs B, absolute hero.

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