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ATJ Group Are Continuing To Better The Lives Of Local Youth

The ATJ Group has always prided itself on its contributions to community development with...[...]

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Connors blog: ‘It was a truly well-worth it week’

Going into the construction industry was always a risk for me, mainly because I hadn’t thought about going into it or done any work in[...]

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Ben Davis’s Blog: ‘Investing in us’

The biggest and best thing about working for AT Jones is how much they are willing to invest in us[...]

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Sophie Calthorpes Blog: ‘I can say hand on heart that I love my job’

A lot of people tell me that everyone dreams to build their own house; however, I plan to learn skills so I can do it[...]

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Charlie Sparks Blog: “beginning a long and successful journey”

I feel I have achieved many of my goals in becoming a Site Manager [...]

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Sam Beesleys Blog: Learning whilst earning

To get to the fortunate position I am in, I basically took every chance I was given, when Supervisors were ill I stepped up and[...]

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