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‘A timely intervention’

‘A timely intervention’

On September 2, 2016

Very recently one of our valued Site Managers, Clayton Spall acted in a way on site that prevented a serious accident happening – something that we at ATJ are extremely pleased with however not at all surprised by Clayton’s act. Safety is at the forefront of everything we do and aim to have this represented by our team at all times.
The incident on the 17/08/2016 involved a photographer taking group photos at the site, they were leaning out of a cherry picker at 5m without any safety equipment to harness him in, Clayton shouted for the cherry picker to stop and be lowered to the ground where the photographer needed to be harnessed in to make the act safe for all.
Clayton was awarded by the client with a gift and the following message…”Clayton,
A timely intervention delivered in an appropriate way-set a great example for all of us on the project.
My sincere thanks for making a statement when many others may have watched in silence.”

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